[Yuko's Leg Rehabilitation Diary - 42]

I continued the training. I felt I became a baby again. I discovered again how to 'walk'. Like a start from zero.
In 2015, I hadn't been able to walk until October, not even with Nordic Walking poles. But one day in late November, suddenly I felt I wanted to go out alone.


I took my Nordic Walking poles. It was before 10 o'clock in the morning. Zosia hadn't come yet.

I went outside slowly. I went to the pavement and tried to walk with poles very slowly, only a few metres. I managed to do it.

But walking with poles in the room and walking with poles outside - it's a big difference for a person whose legs are weak.

I tried to walk with poles a few meters more/further. I was able to do it but already felt tired. And then suddenly I felt that someone was looking at me.


It was Zosia. She came up to me. I will never forget how she looked. Her eyes looked unbelievably big - her face showed she couldn't believe what was happening. She couldn't believe that I was able to walk with poles in the street alone. Zosia was extremely surprised looking at me. She was so moved.

When I found Zosia, I shouted to her: 'Pani Zosiu, udało się! (I've succeeded!)'

201006ClassicaJapanTV_dphotograph: Yuko at her press conference about the TV programme shooting -'Yuko Kawai talks about Chopin National Edition' on Classica Japan TV
special thanks: Classica Japan
Lutheran Ichigaya Hall, Tokyo, June 2010
The programme won the prestigious JSBA (Japan Satellite Broadcasting Association) Original Programming Award.