Dear All - 31 Jan 2016

My long, very long leg rehabilitation has been continuing. The training is painful and really tough but I'm making progress. Hope the condition will get better and better.

I have had to cancel all my engagements since 2014. My last concert in 2013 was Mozart KV488 with Maestro Eraldo Salmieri and Koszalin Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra. The last two years(2014-2015) was the hardest time of my life, particularly 2015.

I've been training hard. I didn't expect that I need such a long time. I had to understand that having good motor coordination/natural athletic ability bears (almost) no relation to the speedy recovery. In order to make a complete recovery, the most important thing is - to keep hope for the future alive.

Many people have been supporting me. On Saturday I made a green salad (with my homemade 'egg-free, oil-free' mayonnaise and homemade lime vinaigrette) and had a wonderful time. Thank you very much to those who have encouraged and helped me. I will never forget your kindness.