[Yuko's Leg Rehabilitation Diary - 38]

We talked a lot. Dr.Fujita and Kanda-san gave me some good advice about the training and the future.


And Dr.Fujita showed me some muscle training exercises and told me: 'The longer you cannot walk, the more difficult it is for you to recover, the more difficult to be able to walk again.'

Yes, he was right.

If someone cannot walk for one year or more - it will be extremely difficult to come back to walking. Life with a walker/walking frame/wheelchair to the end of their lives would be highly likely.


I hadn't already been able to walk for over one and a half years. Yes, I know - my situation was quite serious.
But I had been doing my best. If more - more training? It was impossible. I just have to continue my training as usual, make progress and gain new muscles - step by step.


Dr.Fujita took my blood, and gave me vitamin tablets. The next day he informed me that the blood test results were OK.

A month later Dr.Fujita brought a neurologist from Switzerland to me. Dr.Nakanishi visited Warsaw and Dr.Fujita talked to her about me and they visited me. I'm very grateful to them for their kindness.

FH000036photograph: Yuko's Chopin masterclass in Oita, 2004