[Yuko's Leg Rehabilitation Diary - 26]

In autumn 2014 I had a blood test. A nurse visited me and took my blood to the hospital. Then my doctor came and we talked about what I should do.

He suggested that I should do more tests. I didn't want to do a CT scan.
'If you don't want to do a CT, perhaps USG?'
'Yes, I prefer USG to CT.' I said. I already did a MRI scan in 2013, so we knew how my body was on the whole.

I wanted to know the efficient way of softening the muscles and gaining the new muscles. I knew well what had been happening to my body since 2013 - because this is my own body. So I knew why I couldn't walk. This wasn't an illness.

DSC_1950photograph by Sławomir Kiełbowicz:
Yuko at the main entrance door of Visitationist Church, Warsaw
Fryderyk Chopin used to play the organ in this church. Probably he touched, opened and closed the door.