[Yuko's Leg Rehabilitation Diary - 44]

My everyday walking with Zosia with poles made remarkable progress. We expanded the distance every day - little by little.

When I walked with poles, I felt the leg muscle pain all the time. And - I felt as if I was walking with 20-kg-luggage, because my leg muscles were/are not enough.

But Zosia and I talked all the time during the walking. I was able to forget the pain talking to her. We laughed a lot.


In December 2015 and January, Fabruary and March 2016 - the four months were my biggest progress days in the walking rehabilitation.


In January 2016, when I went for a walk with Zosia, I walked with poles, and sometimes tried to walk without poles - only 5 or 10 steps, for example. I managed to walk without poles for a very short time, but soon after that I went back to walking with poles. I couldn't continue long. But I expanded the distance of my walking without poles little by little - 5m, 10m, and then 20m.


I did't look beautiful when I walked without poles though. My walk without poles was waddling, like that of a duck. Or - looked like a penguin. When I saw videos about penguin walking on YouTube, I thought: 'Oh, it's me!'


Although I had the leg muscle pain all the time and I didn't look nice when I was walking, I was happy. Being able to move with my own legs - what a wonderful thing.

20090217Kalkbrennerphotograph/special thanks: Central Nagoya Symphony Orchestra
F.Kalkbrenner Piano Concerto No.4 in A-flat major Op.127, Japan premiere
Yuko Kawai, piano
Ichiro Saito, conductor
Central Aichi Symphony Orchestra
17th February 2009, Shirakawa Hall, Nagoya