[Yuko's Leg Rehabilitation Diary - 36]

Thanks to Kanda-san, I was able to talk to Doctor Fujita soon. He listened to me and said: 'The situation seems to be serious. But surprisingly your voice I can hear on the phone has positive energy.'


Yes, that's right.

In spite of the fact that I hadn't been able to walk very long - for over one and a half years, and had had a very tough everyday training and was tired, I was optimistic. Still I couldn't walk but I felt more progress in myself than when I was 'skin and bones'. Every morning I got up with hope and started training immediately.


Why was I hopeful and optimistic?

I'm a concert pianist. I'm used to observing myself, my body, my muscles, my nerves, my mental and brain condition, my stamina and so on - particularly on the stage. I'm used to seeing myself objectively.

And when we pianists, musicians learn new repertoire, especially a 'major work', learning and memorising the work need time, not immediately. So I'm used to being patient, I live with hope, don't give up. I always look for a better and practical way. This is a 'nature' of professional musicians/performers. We know there is such a proverb: 'Custom/habit is a second nature.'

A little everyday progress in my brain and muscles gives me energy and hope for the future, when I practise the piano.

The rehabilitation training is similar. Not the same, but it's similar to a certain point. I'm used to being very patient and optimistic.

pianphotograph by Embassy of Japan in Poland:
Yuko's Chopin complete Ballades recital at Japanese Ambassador's residence in Warsaw, 2001

In the audiences at the recital: Ambassador Hideaki Ueda with his wife, Andrzej Wajda, prof.Henryk Lipszyc, Anna ┼╗urawlewowa (founder of the International Chopin Piano Competition, prof.Jerzy ┼╗urawlew's wife), Dariusz Rosati (former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland) with his wife, Janusz Onyszkiewicz (former Minister of National Defence of Poland), prof.Piotr Paleczny, Jan Popis, Wojciech Nowak (director of Warsaw Philharmonic), Stefan Sutkowski (founder of Warsaw Chamber Opera) and others.