[Yuko's Leg Rehabilitation Diary - 9]

After coming home I rested for a few days, and then visited a private orthopaedics-rehabilitation clinic in Warsaw. I walked worse and worse. So for the first time I had to use Nordic Walking poles, to feel safer while walking through a crowd in the city centre.

My next performance was Mozart Piano Concerto in Koszalin, with Koszalin Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra. The date - a month later, 29th November 2013. I was keen to go, but they said that better not to go to Koszalin, because they thought it would be highly risky for my legs. It's a long journey from Warsaw to Koszalin - it takes nine and a half hours by train.

'I want to go and perform.' I said. 'What I fear is to enter stage and reach the piano in the middle of the stage. My legs are weak. But playing the piano - no problem. I want to perform.'

But the clinic's comment was negative:
'Which is more important for you - your health or the concert?'
I smiled sadly and left the clinic. I wanted to cry.

childhood_cphotograph: Yuko with her mum and younger sisters on the beach