[Yuko's Leg Rehabilitation Diary - 8]

In October 2013 I visited Piotrowice Nyskie again - to give a Chopin complete Ballades & Impromptus recital as a recital series 'Chopinissimo'.

My legs were weak. It was difficult to walk quickly and normally, but I never had a problem with piano playing. The only problem was when I stood up from my chair and walked. And it wasn't already easy to carry my heavy luggage.
Jim Parton, a British author, the owner of Piotrowice Nyskie Palace and the concert organiser - he and his wife Ania helped me a lot. The day after the recital I realised I walked much worse. Jim suggested/proposed that I stayed a day longer at the palace in order to rest. I changed the PKP train ticket to Warsaw on the internet.

Thanks to the stay, I was able to rest, relax and had a wonderful time with Jim & Ania's angel-like children. The next day Jim took me to Opole train station and I told him in the car: 'A huge contrast between my hands and legs. My hands (piano performance) are better and better, but my legs (walking) are worse and worse…'.

201310Piotrowice_cphotograph by Jim Parton: Yuko's Chopin complete Ballades & Impromptus recital at Piotrowice Nyskie Palace, 26th October 2013