[Yuko's Leg Rehabilitation Diary - 21]

If I train - my leg muscles will be sore and tight. If I don't train - the muscles will weaken and be also tight, because the lack of the body movement causes the muscle tightness.

So I couldn't stop training.

The more I trained, the more my muscles tightened. The more training, the less muscle flexibility. As time goes by, it became increasingly difficult for me to walk. I trained because I wanted to gain muscles, but I lost weight a lot.
One morning - I realised that I couldn't walk. The first time of my life. I was shocked. Not being able to walk - it happened to me because I trained. The training for walking caused not being able to walk.

197810 1photograph:
11-year-old Yuko at Okazaki city track-and-field meet - the running broad jump