[Yuko's Leg Rehabilitation Diary - 39]

Several days later, an acupuncturist visited me. I'd never had acupuncture before.

She saw me and said: 'You are too weak. Today I cannot do anything for you. It's risky to do. When you are in better physical condition, I would be able to do for you, but definitely not today.' - And she left with her bag doing nothing.


I had thought I was much better than early in 2015 and I was. But in her eyes - I was too weak to acupuncture.


A few days later the acupuncturist phoned me. She was very kind.

'Yuko, would you like to use social care service?'
'What is it? It's expensive, isn't it?'

She reponded:
'No, it's Polish national social service. I can tell them about you.'

And then a woman from the centre called and visited me. She said:
'You can ask your helper for help - whatever.'

She smiled at me.
'Yes, whatever. Everything. They can do everything for you'.

Soon my helper Pani Zosia started to visit me twice a week.

I asked Zosia:
'Pani Zosiu, could I really ask you for everything?'
'Yes, everything.'

Poland is a wonderful country.


For instance, elderly people can ask thier helper for help - cleaning the house, cooking meals, or helping them to take a bath and so on.

But in my case - I can cook, I can take a bath. For me the important thing is to be able to walk again. So I asked her for help - to meet me and mainly help me train in order to walk.

I had applied for the rehabilitation training at the rehabilitation centre but I had to wait long. So while I was waiting and training myself, Zosia helped me train.

from the left: Jacek Hawryluk (musicologist), Jan Popis (musicologist) and Yuko, during the 15th International Chopin Piano Competition, in the TV studio after TVP Kultura live broadcast, October 2005