[Yuko's Leg Rehabilitation Diary - 3]

If we cannot walk normally/properly, our legs will weaken, unfortunately quickly.

Until I had my first leg muscle dislocation/fragmentation, I always used to have a flexible and relaxed body. The muscles in my legs never felt sore. I never felt the necessity of stretching exercises. My legs always kept the flexibility, never tightened.

But since my legs started to weaken, I've had muscular aches and pains. I felt I must come back to my normal leg condition quickly, so tried to walk as long as possible. I went for a walk every day. But the next day my legs ached. After walking they were extremely tight. I tried massages, acupuncture patch and everyday bathing. But such things weren't that effective to me, didn't help my sore muscles. I tried to eat lots of citrus fruits, take vitamin C as well.

And not only leg muscles, but also my abdominal/stomach muscles started weakening.
My doctor made me do a MRI scan. My leg bones and muscles were all right.

childhood_aphotograph: from the right - Yuko's mum, aunt, cousin,10-year-old Yuko with her youngest sister, cousin, younger sister. Yuko's dad took the picture.