[Yuko's Leg Rehabilitation Diary - 4]

After going for a walk, even a very short walk, my leg muscles tightened with fatigue. I never had such a situation until 2012. So I had no idea whether it was natural/common or not.

My doctor said it was normal. He said that I need to wait. He advised me to give myself a gentle massage.
I felt that I must improve blood circulation/flow. So I chose my food carefully - 'You are what you eat.', so 'I'm what I eat.'

But my legs still tightened awfully. One day I managed to walk 10,000 steps, but the next day I couldn't move. I was able to raise my leg only 1 or 2 cm from the floor, but couldn't do more. Muscles lost the flexibility and were extremely tense.

I had to think about it carefully: If I walk - then the situation will be worse. Sore and tense. If I don't walk - also, will be worse, because legs will weaken. The doctor says sore muscles are common, but… what should I do?

photograph: Yuko with her dad and younger sisters. Her mum took the picture. It was so hot and they all were exhausted(!). A little bit similar to the photograph of Chopin(?).