[Yuko's Leg Rehabilitation Diary - 11]

Before setting off for Koszalin, I had no worries about my piano playing. I was sure the concert would be successful. The only thing was my leg condition, my walking on the stage and carrying my luggage.

I sent the luggage to Koszalin Philharmonic in advance. I did like that for the first time in Europe. But I knew I had to carry the luggage myself to Warsaw, it was impossible to send it again because of the weekend departure - so I tried to do my packing as light in weight as possible (In Koszalin I wore the same red sweater for three days). Also, for more my walking safety, I shortened the length of the stage dress a few centimetres. So the dress was shorter than usual.

When I arrived in Koszalin after the 10-hour journey and came in the guest room and found my luggage waiting for me in the room, my relief was overwhelming: 'I don't have to worry any more. Everything will go well.'

And in the next room - there was a compact kitchen. 'Kitchen!' - I felt a quick lift of spirit. 'I can prepare the meals here.'

Then I started practising and concentrated for two and a half hours - till 21.00 and went to bed. The next morning our first rehearsal begins at 9 o'clock. I have to be in the best condition at 9.00, so I need to start my warm-up at about 7 in the morning.

I slept like the dead.

20131128KoszalinPianophotograph: the practice room at Koszalin Philharmonic