[Yuko's Leg Rehabilitation Diary - 32]

Perhaps it's not easy for us to change our diet/eating habits or to stop eating something. But for me - the most important thing was to be able to walk again - it was serious so I had to try it.
'I can make zoodles (zucchini/courgette noodles) instead of traditional pasta.' - So a spiralizer came to my kitchen instead of a pasta machine.

Also, I got a professional mandoline slicer that many restaurant chefs use and love. Vegetables taste differently when they are cutted/sliced/diced differently. The difference is surprisingly big. And the beautifully and appropriately cutted/sliced veggies are really delicious.


I expanded my repertoire of recipes rapidly. Especially various kinds of healthy vinaigrette sauce/dressing (mainly oil-free) and egg-free, oil-free mayonnaise. This egg-free raw mayonnaise is much more delicious than ordinary and traditional one - it was a surprise to me.


What we eat every day - it cannot be boring, it should be rich in variety. For me, therefore expanding the repertoire was a serious thing in order to live/survive. Having a large repertoire of various seasonings and cutting/slicing techniques, there is no limit to make vegetable dishes, salads - it helps us especially when we eat them raw - we have limitless possibilities.

photograph by Sebastian Kaczorowski:
Yuko playing Chopin Piano Concerto in F minor Op.21 chamber version with Warsaw Philharmonic String Quintet, Gliwice, Poland, July 2010