[Yuko's Leg Rehabilitation Diary - 45]

I had four people as my helper by March 2016: Zosia, Ela, Ula and Zosia. I am deeply grateful to them.
Also, thank you Agnieszka, BogumiƂa, Agnieszka, Teresa and others - from the Social Care Centre.


The first Zosia became ill in January, so unfortunately she had to finish working at all - it was sad. But we often phone to each other - It helps us.


Ela and Ula were very busy, so my walking with them was 'temporary'. Then Zosia, whose smile was really charming, and she liked to walk long - so it was good for me. She supported me devotedly. We did a long walk every day. We visited various churches. After the long walk we prayed in the church and rested there.
We also went to various beautiful parks. Went to a farmers' market. Went to the library. Went to various clothes shops together. We talked all the time - talked about politics, history, literature, languages... everything.


And in April 2016 - I started the walking without my helper. My new life has started.

20100612OkazakiMasterclass1photograph/special thanks:
Okazaki Civic Centre Concert Hall, Okazaki City
Yuko's annual Chopin masterclass for her hometown Okazaki citizens, June 2010