[Yuko's Leg Rehabilitation Diary - 35]

And it was also in September. One day, suddenly and unexpectedly, I got a phone call and an email - it was from the staff of Embassy of Japan in Poland.

I was surprised. I hadn't informed the Embassy about my leg problem. But the Embassy got the information about me - that Yuko Kawai was/is not OK. I didn't know that.

The Embassy of Japan in Poland is the 'super' embassy.


The information about me worried them and the staff called me.

'What's wrong with you? We are worried about you.' - asked Kanda-san from Embassy of Japan. I told him about the situation. He was really caring and helpful. He said: 'I'll tell the embassy doctor, Dr. Fujita about you. And then you can talk to him. We would like to help you.'

photograph (special thanks: Hiroko Okuya):
Yuko shows Chopin National Edition during her concert/lecture, in the 'Pleyel Festival' at Euro Piano showroom, Tokyo