[Yuko's Leg Rehabilitation Diary - 18]

I had no concerts in December 2013. So I thought I could concentrate on the rehabilitation/walking training. And thought that two or three months would be enough to recover.

I always used to use a carry-on luggage or suitcase, and a shoulder bag when I travelled. But realised that a backpack would be safer than a shoulder bag if my legs were weak. So I searched for the backpack that is functional, suitable for concert tours and doesn't stain easily - and got it.

I used to go for a walk every day. It was December - getting colder and colder in Poland and when it snowed, then the street was icy and it was dangerous for me to walk, even with poles. I have to avoid breaking a bone anyhow. So I got an exercise bicycle and started training at home.

f0092231_21501767photograph (special thanks: Hiroko Okuya):
Yuko playing Pleyel upright piano at 'Pleyel Festival (2005-2006)'.
Piano Clinic Yokoyama in Yokohama, January 2006