[Yuko's Leg Rehabilitation Diary - 41]

In late October I did a USG test at a local hospital. Still I couldn't walk, so the hospital provided their car and a wheelchair. For the first time in my life, I used a wheelchair.


Then a month later, one morning in November 2015 - I suddenly felt I could walk. I felt, so I tried. I couldn't. But still I felt I could, so a few hours later I tried again. I was able to do just a few steps. Couldn't more.

It wasn't a 'walking', just a few steps like a baby. But for me it was a huge huge huge success.

The training, gaining new muscles is a really slow process - we have to be extremely patient - but it's worth it.

20100620Okazaki_aphotograph by Asahi Shimbun:
Yuko Kawai & Warsaw Philharmonic String Quartet at Okazaki Civic Centre Concert Hall, 20th June 2010
the Asahi Shimbun concert review: