Let's go for a walk

[video: Let's go for a walk with Yuko]

Dear All

Thank you very much for your support, reading my account and reacting to it. Thank you for your very warm comments and messages. I deeply appreciate the support you have all given me.


Currently my 'job' is to walk, to gain more leg muscles and return to my normal life, to my work. I train very hard every day.

My leg muscles are still sore but I must walk, must forget the pain. I've been making progress. Yes, for me it's remarkable progress - because I couldn't walk at all - for about two years.


Sorry for the shakiness of the video but I'm walking with my weak legs. This is my 'rehabilitation walking' video. For me it's touching: after two-year extreme patience, hard training and tears, I started to walk again - without any chemical things or surgery. I can walk again. The training and diet and many people's support made it possible.


Watching the video with HD (High Definition) setting is recommended. This is my favourite walk - green, fresh air and water.

Thank you again for your great support.

Fryderyk Chopin: Contredanse in G-flat major WN27

Yuko Kawai (live recording)
World premiere according to National Edition:
30th May 2004, Okazaki City Civic Centre Concert Hall
CD: Chopinissimo II - Yuko Kawai (Imagine)