[Yuko's Leg Rehabilitation Diary - 40]

Zosia was a very good helper. She was in her sixties, she was always joking.

So I was always laughing with her jokes. Zosia was open-minded, cheerful and very energetic. I liked her very much. We talked all the time. During the conversation with her, I was able to forget my muscle pain.


A few weeks later, suddenly Zosia told me:

'I would like to help you more, Yuko. Would you like to meet me more often, not twice a week, for example five times a week from Monday till Friday?'

I was surprised.

'Pani Zosiu, it's amazing but is it possible?'
'I think so. I'll talk to the people at the Social Care Centre'.

And she really did it. She went the centre and talked to them and everything was done.


Zosia started to visit me every day, from Monday till Friday, at 10 o'clock. I liked meeting her, so I rose up with joy every morning.

Yuko during her Chopin recital at Polish Pavilion, the World Exhibition EXPO 2005 Aichi