[Yuko's Leg Rehabilitation Diary - 17]

Good-bye Koszalin. See you again.


From Koszalin I went back home to Warsaw by bus. When I was waiting for the bus, a woman with a cane came up to me and started talking:

'I had an operation on my leg but it didn't make progress. Rather worse. The surgeon's fault. He escaped and I haven't been able to contact him. I will never be able to walk normally. To the end of my life.'

She talked to me looking at my poles.
'I got used to living with a cane, but still it isn't comfortable. I've been with my cane for over 20 years.'

She said and stared at me.
'I hope you get well soon. To Warsaw? Have a safe journey.'
'Thank you very much.'

P1030704photograph: Koszalin - closeness to the sea (the Baltic Sea). This is a sea mew at Koszalin bus station - the birds aren't afraid of humans.

The day after the concert, 30th November 2013