[Yuko's Leg Rehabilitation Diary - 31]

I got some information about the people who hadn't been able to walk but later started to walk again - what they were eating. So I changed a little bit my diet: started to eat much more green, and much more raw food.

And I tried to avoid wheat/gluten. I'm not Novak Djokovic but tried it. I felt/thought it's worth trying and wanted to see how my body and mentality would change.


I used to bake bread myself at home. And I used to like making pasta and udon noodles myself - but I stopped making and eating them. My favourite Italian pasta machine 'Imperia' finished its role - do widzenia. 'Thank you and goodbye Imperia, you did a great job.' - I put it away, it disappeared from the kitchen.

DSC_9992photograph: Yuko during her rehearsal at the Chopin National Edition special concert, at Warsaw National Philharmonic Hall, March 2005