[Yuko's Leg Rehabilitation Diary - 22]

When I realised I couldn't walk, I thought: 'Only today. I'm a little bit tired after the training. I will wait for a while, I will rest - and the situation will be better.'

But I couldn't walk the next day either. Two days later - the same. Three days later, a week later - still I couldn't.

I continued the training. I had to continue because the training was the only way to gain the new muscle. The most important thing to solve my problem was to soften the leg muscles. Stretching, massage, bathing, and so on - I tried everything but it couldn't help. I didn't want any chemical things or surgery - so I concentrated on the natural way to heal.

DSC_2207photograph by Sławomir Kiełbowicz:
Yuko in the Holy Cross Church, Warsaw